Tuesday, 26 April 2011

my perfect day

yesterday was just. A.mazing. :) it was one of those days that i will always remember.
gosh, i bet you're thinking i went off to somewhere incredible, well it was only Rutland Water, but i do love that place so it's pretty incredible to me.
for those of you who don't know, Rutland Water is basically a massive lake. well a reservoir. its 26 miles all the way around it, so as you can imagine, it is huuuge. there's a story that there is an old town that lives below, but the people that lived there had to flood it out, for something to do with water... i think it's pretty freaky but it adds so much more interest to the place. :)
it's so beautiful there, with the wildlife and stuff. look at me sounding like an old person appreciating the nature. ;)
yeah, so my boyfriend took me there yesterday and it was such a gorgeous day for it. we took a picnic and walked along the water side, dipped our feet in and sat on the grass with ice cream. :) it really was lovely.
this is the whole of it from birdseye view.
i did not take this photo just FYI haha.

i edited some of the photos of me and my boyfriend using instagram, which is an app i advice anyone to get! its amazzeeeee. and so here are a few of them.



all of the above photos are of me or taken by me. 


Sunday, 24 April 2011


a few beauties i have spotted whilst working.. like i've said before; working in a shop is tooorture!
i am still obsessing over peterpan collars, i just can't get enough! and we have alot of things in a work now with them and so i'm counting down the days till i get payed to splash out!
and you can't go wrong when you get 50% off at work.  ;)
so these are a few things i want / NEED and they are all from where i work, which is at the clothes store republic for those who don't know.  :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

photo time

have done nothing today and so found myself messing about with the camera for a while..
thought i would upload some of them rather than bore you with writing..

all following photos are of myself or taken by me.

thannk you for checking them out.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I just came to say 'hello'

sorry for my posting lately, or 'lack of'
I've been so busy lately with coursework but thankfully it's all done and dusted now and I have two weeks off sixthformmm :D heaaaven.

I need to try my hardest to save money. I'm so bad at it, ive never been a good saver. always spending money. it's my mums bday in a couple of weeks and so I need to start thinking of present ideas. parents are always quite hard to buy for, I always want to impress haha.

I've been hooked on tumblr this week. can't leave it for a second I'm always refreshin the page #saddo #getalife
I changed the name of it to www.digioiaaa.tumblr.com
for those who dont know digioia is my surname, it's pronounced dij-oy-ya
it's from Italy which i love but annoyingly I never inherited the hot Italian genes of dark eyes dark hair dark skin :( rubbish.

right TOWIE is on nowww so it's time for me to gooo ;)

peace out


Friday, 8 April 2011

what i'm wearing. 008.

necklace - claires' accessories
hahaha i was spinning really fast to get this photo thats why my face is funny.

loafers - -primark

green cardigan - zara
white tee - charity shop
belt - primark
blue skirt - H&M
tights - asda
loafers - primark

what a beeautiful day

wow hasn't today just been gorgeous !?
it was amazing! i just love the sun so much! everything always seems so much better and everyone seems happier :) it's lovely.

i hope you have all been soaking up the sun.
i wasn't able to sunbathe as much as i'd have liked to as i had sixth form but when i got home i layed in the garden with my shorts on and made the most of the beautiful day. i snapped a few pictures whilst out there too.
also, i went through with dying my hair :)
i was quite nervous which is weird for me, i don't usually feel nervous when changing my hair

but it has turned out lovely! i love it :)
i will have to post a picture sooon for you to see.
it's not as red as those pictures i posted the other day but it has got a definite red tinge to it. :) lovely jubly.

louie loves when it's hot so he can play out in the garden <3


i hope your day has been lovely, :)

hugs and loves