Monday, 28 February 2011

prom thoughts

i have started to think about this years prom as it is being organised at sixth form by the school council people. me and my friends have booked a holiday (:D wahoooo so excited) and we're all scared that the prom is going to be placed on a day that we're away :( i hope not as this is the last prom me and all my friends will be going to together. it's really sad that we'll all be going our different ways but i know we'll all stay in touch :) i'm so lucky to have the friends i do. so anyway i have been looking for dresses cause i want to be prepared for if its when we get back off holiday and i'll have a tan to show off :D

this is the dress i wore for my year 11 prom (how short is my hair. eurgh.)
although these pictures wern't from the prom cause i was blonde then.

ones from prom.
Dress- Topshop
Shoes- New Look

a few from prom.

i want a short dress again as sometimes i think long ones look a bit ott. and i wore a long dress for my year 9 prom. however i want it more fancy and detail-y (love making words up) than the one up there ^^ cause that was so plain. i want one that will make me look remembered and one that everyone will love. you know when you find the PERFECT dress. i want that :)

i like this but i'm not into all the sparkly and overly detailed dresses. i really like the shape of this though.

Love this.

this is gorgeous, i love all the bottom of it.

if anyone knows of any good prom dress places to look, please let me know :)
and if you have any tips or ideas to help me, i would love to hear. :) i always love seeing what people have to say so even if it's showing me pictures of what you wore at your prom. my email address is- (cringe i know, made it when i was like 13) ;)
thanks guys. :)

i just want to add a huge thank you to all you who comment and follow. it is so much appreciated and i always check out your blogs too! :) you all put big fat smiles on my face! xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

what i'm wearing. 005.

so this outfit is pretty boring but i have done nothinggg today and so i just wore my jumper from H&M. it is from the mens section but i loved the colour so got it in XS. it was only £10.00 so can't go wrong.
i wore my H&M skirt underneath too just because otherwise my bum would be creeping out. something no-one wants to seeee ;) haha. so again, i wore my topshop scarf :) i wear it so much cause i love the colour and its so cosy. :) i want to get a new one in a darker colour to wear with other outfits. i have my river island booties on (LOVE) and my primark bag. :)
i literally just scruffed my hair up cause i was in a lazy mood.

in one of my earlier posts i mentioned being bored of my hair. well.. i have died it :D i dye my hair quite alot although i have never gone for a massive change. i have been blonde before but much prefer myself dark. so this is my new colour. it isn't all that different although it has quite a reddish tint to it which i LOVE. i think it adds warmth.

here i have on my scrabble ring. and my birdie ring :)

scrabble ring- loveheartsandcrosses
birdie ring- miss selfridge


i just wanted to snap a few with my big bear.
i love this teddy so much. i might sound like a baby but i think everyone loves to cuddle a teddy bear and this one who i have named albert is just perfect for a big squeeeazy cuddle :D

beautiful person. 002.

Taylor Momsen.

i love this one of her laughing, i love when she smiles because she barely ever does 

WANT this cardi!! :D gorrrrg.

i love taymom so much. the first ever time i saw her on GG i thought she was amazing and then when she started music i just loved it. the pretty reckless have an album out.. 'light me up' and i would recommend it to you all. i don't have a fave type of music, i can listen to anything (minus classical and heavy metal) but listening to the pretty reckless almost makes you feel powerful if thats makes sense ha. my fave songs off the album are:
- Miss Nothing
- My Medicine
- Goin' Down
- Light Me Up
- Just Tonight
-Make Me Wanna Die

i love all the songs, there is not one i don't like but these are my favesss :)
they have also done some covers in the Live Lounge
- Islands, The XX mixed with Love The Way You Lie, Rihanna and Eminem.
- Forget You, Cee Lo Green.

i went to V festival last summer and The Pretty Reckless performed there and me and my friends were front row, woo! it was amazing and here are some of the pictures i got.

yay taymom 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

40 facts:

001. my all time famous crush (i would go as far as saying i am IN LOVE WITH him) is Joe Jonas. i think he's amazing and so gorgeous.

002. my relationship with my family and my friends (including boyfriend) is the most important thing to me. i could never replace any of them.

003. i love american television shows way too much. television all together takes over my life.

004. i am such a shy person but when you get to know me, i'm pretty crazy.

005. i am a romantic. i love having a boyfriend. i love to be spoiled and i love spoiling him.

006. i'm so scared of flying in planes. i don't know why.

007. i love animals so much. there are so many i want as pets.

008. my favorite place in the world is center parcs.

009. every now and then i will have a big cry to a family member (usually mum or dad), a friend or my boyfriend.  i like having big talks to get emotion out.

010. when i cry, all i want is a cuddle. i love the feeling of someone holding me.

011. i'm planning on becoming a primary school teacher. i have always wanted to be one cause i just love children.

012. i love fashion. other peoples fashion styles usually inspires mine.

013. i love jewelry so much. i can never leave the house without any on.

014. i really love food. although somehow don't put weight on.

015. my feet shrunk when i was 13 from a size 4 to a size 3.

016. even though i'm half italian, i don't speak the language. i really wish i could.

017. i have a big heart. i care so much for my loved ones.

018. sometimes i feel so down about the way i look and wish i looked different.

019. when i want something, i really really want it.

020. the background on my phone is always a photo of someone i love. so then every time i look at it, i smile and feel happy.

021. i wish i was organised but as much as i try, i'm just messy.

022. i am absolutely terrified of the future.

023. the thought of losing someone i love makes me cry and feel sick.

024. i'm scared of dying.

025. i completely hate drugs and strongly dislike those who feel they need to take them to have a good time. what's the point?

026. i do not like liers and will not waste my time talking to them.

027. i don't like it when people try to be something they're not. just be yourself, you are beautiful.

028. i care too much sometimes.

029. i love the sound of people around me laughing.

030. sometimes when i talk to guys it can be seen as flirting. but i just get on with guys really well and would always be loyal.

031. i have never ever in my life cheated on any previous boyfriends, nor my current one. i think cheating is disgusting. if your not happy, just move on.

032. i text too much. i wish i spoke to people face to face more.

033. i am totally addicted to crisps. i could literally live off them.

034. i have a thing about wrists. if someone grabs my wrist or my wrist gets trapped in something or even when i wear a bobble round in for too long, i get squeemy.  i think it's the vains.

035. one day i WILL have a beetle as my car. it has always been my favorite and i have always wanted one.

036. when i have children, i will name a daughter Tegan and a son Noah or Alfie.

037. my first proper kiss was with the boyfriend i had at age 11. his name was Robbie.

038. i have never been bullied, but i hate bullying and would always stick up for anyone if i saw it happening.

039. i love photos. i love photos that show love. i love photos from when i was little. i love photos of my family around my home. i love memories.

040. i couldn't go a day without listening to music.

our walk

my friend was upset over a boy over the weekend and so i suggested me and her go on a long walk and talk about everything.
so we did and it was so nice. i really like going for walks, especially in the summer. :) i can't wait for summer walks! :D they are such a good way to destress and unwind.
we went on a really long one all around fields, pathways and through a little forest. it was so lovely. she cried and we talked and bitched about him. the idiot. she deserves better and i think she's starting to realise.
so it's all good. i love my friends. i have a group of closest friends and there is about 13 of us. i love them all and when one is upset, i am too. we like smiles and happy times :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011


 i want to dye my hair. i get bored so quickly with my hair. i need a change :)

and i purchased myself a scrabble ring! :D wahoo!
i have wanted one for ages, but couldn't find anywhere that did them cheap enough for me ;) not the richest of people i won't lie.

had to hide my face cause it wasn't doing me justice,

i'm wearing
a brown tshirt from topshop.
my h&m skirt
tights from primark.
black cardi from h&m.
scalf from topshop.
and shoes from next. :) (in the childrens section cause my feet are tinyyy :))

 sorry for the blurry picture.

i got this ring from loveheartsandcrosses
i was so so happy with their service!
this ring came in 3 days,  in a little ring box and with a cute little loveheartsandcrosses card.
gorgeous. :)
it was just £3.00 + £1.95 p&p.

on friday my boyfriend surprised me with these beautiful roses!
how pretty is the colour!
i love them :) they are sitting beside my bed and make me smile everytime i look over at them :)

i just had to upload another picture of my mischievous kitty.

this was just before bed, and i popped up out of bed for literally two seconds, and he decides it's a good idea to steel my place.

naughty louie!

:) :)

i hope your week has been good. :) mine has been alright. except my deadline for drafted coursework was on friday and i didn't hand any of it in as i haven't finished any of it.. :| woops.
however it is half term now. - the time to get drunk, sleep and eat lots and forget school exists.
i really can't wait to get paid. it's so hard working in a shop right next door to topshop. i hear it's beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories calling me.. boohoo. only two weeks to go :)

happy sunday guys.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

just a quickieee

helloooo lovelys :)
I hope you've had a gorgeous day.
just a quick one tonight to let you know I got a condition offer from derby uni!! I am so happy. I didn't expect that today at all. :) my parents are so proud and I love making them feel that way. daddy just took me to pizza hut to say well done haha. it was delishhh.

earlier today I snuck into my boyfriends house (I have a key, I didn't break in) and I wrote him a letter and got him a little blue nose teddy cause were collecting them together and I got him the seal :) it's soo cute. I will take a photo of the ones I have so far to upload sometime soonies :) he rang me when he got home from work and found them on his bed. he loved it :)

I'm hoping we'll do something nice next week. like go to Rutland water or something nice seeing as we didn't get to do anything yesterday. :/

anyway the Brits are on in half an hour and I'm soo excited! I love tv too much.

I hope your day has been a good one.
lots of love.


Monday, 14 February 2011

what i'm wearing. 004.


i hope you have all been very spoilt. :D i haven't got to see my boyfriend today cause he has been working all day and i had sixthform and then work all evening :( i'm sure we'll do something special when we get the chance though :)

right so this is what i wore today. i love this jumper so much, so snuggly and cosy :)

 jumper- primark.
    shoes- primark.



 sorry for the shine on the nails..
you can see them still though right?

 bunny necklace :)
from republic.

life as i know it. 002.