Tuesday, 15 February 2011

just a quickieee

helloooo lovelys :)
I hope you've had a gorgeous day.
just a quick one tonight to let you know I got a condition offer from derby uni!! I am so happy. I didn't expect that today at all. :) my parents are so proud and I love making them feel that way. daddy just took me to pizza hut to say well done haha. it was delishhh.

earlier today I snuck into my boyfriends house (I have a key, I didn't break in) and I wrote him a letter and got him a little blue nose teddy cause were collecting them together and I got him the seal :) it's soo cute. I will take a photo of the ones I have so far to upload sometime soonies :) he rang me when he got home from work and found them on his bed. he loved it :)

I'm hoping we'll do something nice next week. like go to Rutland water or something nice seeing as we didn't get to do anything yesterday. :/

anyway the Brits are on in half an hour and I'm soo excited! I love tv too much.

I hope your day has been a good one.
lots of love.