Monday, 28 February 2011

prom thoughts

i have started to think about this years prom as it is being organised at sixth form by the school council people. me and my friends have booked a holiday (:D wahoooo so excited) and we're all scared that the prom is going to be placed on a day that we're away :( i hope not as this is the last prom me and all my friends will be going to together. it's really sad that we'll all be going our different ways but i know we'll all stay in touch :) i'm so lucky to have the friends i do. so anyway i have been looking for dresses cause i want to be prepared for if its when we get back off holiday and i'll have a tan to show off :D

this is the dress i wore for my year 11 prom (how short is my hair. eurgh.)
although these pictures wern't from the prom cause i was blonde then.

ones from prom.
Dress- Topshop
Shoes- New Look

a few from prom.

i want a short dress again as sometimes i think long ones look a bit ott. and i wore a long dress for my year 9 prom. however i want it more fancy and detail-y (love making words up) than the one up there ^^ cause that was so plain. i want one that will make me look remembered and one that everyone will love. you know when you find the PERFECT dress. i want that :)

i like this but i'm not into all the sparkly and overly detailed dresses. i really like the shape of this though.

Love this.

this is gorgeous, i love all the bottom of it.

if anyone knows of any good prom dress places to look, please let me know :)
and if you have any tips or ideas to help me, i would love to hear. :) i always love seeing what people have to say so even if it's showing me pictures of what you wore at your prom. my email address is- (cringe i know, made it when i was like 13) ;)
thanks guys. :)

i just want to add a huge thank you to all you who comment and follow. it is so much appreciated and i always check out your blogs too! :) you all put big fat smiles on my face! xxx


  1. you can get some fab dresses at the moment from H&M, really pretty little dresses. I am in year 11 and got my prom coming up too. I bought this cute long nude coloured one from there. its worth a try, im sure you can find something lovely there. <3 xx

  2. aww thank you honey! i will have to check next time im in town :D might pop in before work tomorrow :)
    love h&M. :) xx