Tuesday, 1 February 2011

beautiful person. 001.

Mila Kunis.

LOVE pictures of people laughing :)

black swan. 

i thought it would be a good idea to have mila kunis as my first 'beautiful person' post as i saw black swan last friday :) and LOVED IT.
i think she is so gorgeous! and i noticed she has the same colour eyes as meee!  never see famous people with my colour eyes haha.
i saw her first in 'that 70s show' when she was loaaads younger. and then her next role was in 'forgetting sarah marshal' and now black swan :) (did i mention i love black swan!?)


i go on this website almost everyday and i literally see something or more like 1000000 things i want! :( why can't i be rich????

cupcakes!!  the look cute and taste incred!  how much more perfect could they be?

really love this top! i want.

cookies. get. in. my. mouth.
how cutes the big heart one!? :)

Some of my favourite long necklaces and bracelets.

i think there is a part of me that is quite dark cause i just love skulls on jewelry. is that just me?
this is a bracelet i got for my birthday and it is from asos.

this is from H&M and i got it quite a while ago now. i love the rusty-ness of the metal, make it look vintage. and i love four leaved covers too. :)

i got this handbag necklace from my aunty for my birthday :) its so gorgeous AND it actually opens. so cute.

this bracelet it from topshop. it cost me something like £8 maybe a bit less, i can't remember. i would ideally never usually pay more than about £5 tops on these types of bracelets but i loved this when i saw it.

this is so gorgeous. i love this bracelet. it was my aunties when she was a little girl and as you can see some bits have began rusting off :( but i love it so much i will carry on wearing it.

little rocking horse. :) or big one?
this is from miss selfridge.

this necklace is from H&M. when i saw, i had to buy. i really like this necklace.

my key. :)
i volunteer at a local primary school on mondays and every time i wear this, i always get asked by the children.. 'what door does that key open?'
haha. if only it was a real key. it would be so good. this is from miss selfridge too i think.. might have been topshop actually. i need to get a better memory. ;)

i have to go to work in an hour.. bleh. cant be bothered at all. i am so tired. i have my university interview tomorrow. so scared. not prepared at all. need to sort myself out. 

i hope your tuesday has been a good one!


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  1. That second to last necklace is soooooo precious.
    I like it a lot. Very cute!