Thursday, 24 February 2011

beautiful person. 002.

Taylor Momsen.

i love this one of her laughing, i love when she smiles because she barely ever does 

WANT this cardi!! :D gorrrrg.

i love taymom so much. the first ever time i saw her on GG i thought she was amazing and then when she started music i just loved it. the pretty reckless have an album out.. 'light me up' and i would recommend it to you all. i don't have a fave type of music, i can listen to anything (minus classical and heavy metal) but listening to the pretty reckless almost makes you feel powerful if thats makes sense ha. my fave songs off the album are:
- Miss Nothing
- My Medicine
- Goin' Down
- Light Me Up
- Just Tonight
-Make Me Wanna Die

i love all the songs, there is not one i don't like but these are my favesss :)
they have also done some covers in the Live Lounge
- Islands, The XX mixed with Love The Way You Lie, Rihanna and Eminem.
- Forget You, Cee Lo Green.

i went to V festival last summer and The Pretty Reckless performed there and me and my friends were front row, woo! it was amazing and here are some of the pictures i got.

yay taymom 


  1. i love her style, but i still think of her as 'little J' from gossip girl!

  2. i love her!! shes soo cool.
    i also love that picture of her smiling, its adorable! <3