Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sundays post

hello hello hello :)
I hope you've had a good week and a good weekend.
my week has been alright :) got my exam over and done with on fri and fingers crosses i did okay! I don't actually know how it went, you know when after an exam you walk out and you just don't have a clue if you've done well or not. I did run out of time which annoyed me because that's at least 10 marks lost :/
it annoys me that exams har to be done to time. surely it should be testing you on your knowledge, not your ability to write fast?
hm anyway, no more exams till summer now YAY.
so after the exam me and friends went down to a pub/restaurant for a bite and then me and my friend elliott went back to mine and watched skins. what did you think of it? I can't decide if I liked it or not. some people were saying it was mega bad and not worth watching but I didn't think it was all that bad tbh.
then me elliott and two other friends rose and rosie went to the cinema to see black swan. I defo recomend it to anyone who hasn't been yet! it I incred!!! I love natalie portman, she is so sweet. and mila is in it tooo :) she is so beautiful.
loved the movie, every second of it. in fact I want to go watch it again!

after cinema, we really fancied going out so we tried out this new club in Leicester called republic and it was actually alright. I drank abit too much and so memorys abit fuzzy. but I'm going there again this Saturday :)
so yeah spent yesterday in bed mostly recovering, my hangover wasn't bad, I really only had a headache but I was so so tired. I can't handle lack of sleep. OAP or what!? ;)
babysat last night with my boyfriend. little olivia is so gorgeous, she is growing so fast! and she has just started walking, so cute.

today i have done nothing :)
I have recently discovered '' and I am on it everyday now. I love searching pictures of my gave celebraties and so I'm thinking of maybe once a week posting about each celeb I love. most of them of women I think ha, and I don't mean to sound like I love them in a lesbian way, I just find them so beautiful and it's so inspireing. got the odd hot guy ones though :) wahoo.

also another thing I'm obsessing over at the moment is an app I discovered from my cousin emily. it's called 'instagram' and it's totally free so I advise everyone to download it. basically you have your own profile just to upload pictures that you can edit on there and make them look vintage and 90's. I love it cause I really live photography so I have uploaded sone of pictures I have taken through the past years such as the London eye when I went to London and nice stuff like that.
if you want to take a look, download the app and my username is 'sophiedigioia' :)

I hope you all sleep well.
nighty night, don't go letting the bed bugs bite..


Thursday, 27 January 2011

what i'm wearing. 003.




i really love this jumper, it reminds me of christmas just gone cause everyone was wearing them. :) 
it is from republic. where i work :) which is good as i got a discount on it. i never knew republic did clothes like this before i worked there but now i've realised they do sell some pretty good stuff.
im wearing a black bodycon skirt from h&m underneath which i wear so often in this sort of way. those skirts are just so practical. if you don't already have one i suggest buying one right away, they are amazing.
then i just have some thick black tights on (asda) with long black socks over the top (primark)
and then my black 'posh shoes' i think of them as.. they are from primark too. :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

psychology is killing me.

hahahaha. i just HAD to upload this picture of louie. (don't worry, the hamster wasn't in the cage)
everytime lola (the hamster) goes in her running ball, louie tries to get in the cage to eat her food. he is such a little tinker! but a very funny one. i do love him so much, although he just made a right stinker in his litter tray.. sorry if that's TMI. sometimes you just don't think something so cute could make such a bad smell.

moving swiftly on...

i decided to stay home today instead of going to sixth form cause i just don't get any work done there, there are too many distractions. so i stayed home and did some revision alone :) i got quite a lot done actually so i'm going to do the same tomorrow as my exam is on friday morning. i don't really feel tired, i guess i feel drained. i wouldn't say i'm a 'hard worker' because actually i slack quite a lot. i do wish i was more motivated. but i don't know, for some reason i am trying really really hard for these exams, which don't get me wrong, i know is a good thing! i don't even know if i want to go uni next year anymore. i don't want to move from home. i'm just too close to my family and i'd get so homesick. the closest uni i have applied to is derby and i have an interview there on wednesday ( SO NERVOUS) but i don't know. im thinking about maybe doing an NVQ? hm. need to sort myself out.

 really need to sort my room out. my floor has turned into my wardrobe. it was actually a lot worse before i took this photo, but i started clearing it away. i need more storage. i'm just too lazy.

i hope your day has been wonderful.
kisses and cuddles.


Monday, 24 January 2011

how i love my nails.

i always love to have painted nails.. for years and years, i haven't gone a day without any varnish on. i just feel so plain jane with out coloured nails.
so i was so happy when i got my nail art pen because it bought to me so many new ways to do my nails.
i have only had my nail art pen for about 3 weeks now but these are the ways i have used it so far :)
i hope it gives you some ideas, and maybe if you know any new ways, you could give me ideas too..


my nails.

 this is my nail art pen :)

it is such a good invention! seriously you can do so many things with it.
 this is what it looks like when the lid comes off, and it's like a tiny metal whole and you just squeeze the varnish out. :) this is the way i usually do it. however if you do prefer a brush you just put the lid back on this part and then unscrew then entire white part to get to it.
 this is the brush and as you can see it is very thin so help you stay neat and tidy with whatever your design is. :)

i think it is amazing and i bought this off amazon for £4 or something including p&p.

i definitely recomend.

 with the nails i have at the moment, this is the colour i have on underneath the black.

it's barry m. and it is mushroom.

cups of tea ♥

so amazing after a busy day.

what i'm wearing.

what i wore on friday night.

i love this dress from topshop. from looking through other peoples blogs, i have seen that quite a lot of people have got it. :)
i love the colour, the coller, the way it fits.. EVERYTHING.

please excuse my face in this photo..   +(  bleugh.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

today's not been so bad for a sunday believe it or not. I got quite abit or revision done and watched aladdin :) forgot how much I love that film. all Disney films are just incredible though don't you think? they seem like childhood friends to me. ha.

for tea tonight we had this Italian type pasta (seeing as I am half Italian) and my dad is an amazing cook and it was delicious! I could eat it all over again.
not had pudding yet come to think of it.. theres some Thai sweet chilli sensation crisps in the cupboard that can soon sort that out ;)

I'm at sixth form tomorrow, and I think I'm going to go to the silent area and revise as much as my brain can take till I die in the silent working area.
my exam is on Friday morning and I still have alot to learn :( meh.
-I can't wait to wear my boots tomorrow though. I bet I sound the biggest freak to be so excited about these boots all the time, but I really do love them so much.
is it weird to feel that way about footwear? it is isn't it..
I don't think I've felt this much love for any other shoes than I have these boots.
dear god, help me.

I have not been proper shopping in so long! I can't actually remember when it was. THIS IS BAD.
I need to go to primark to see what sexy bargains are waiting for me..
payday is not too far. :) sometimes I worry about myself.
I often feel this strong need to shop and when I get money it literally disappears like that. I just spend straight away. what am I going to do when i own a house and have bills to pay?? will I not be able to shop as much?
okay, I need to get that horrible thought out my mind.

:) I hope everyones had a lovely day.
I'm off to stuff my face with crappy foods.
lots of love.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

sore throats suck

wow, I have gone picture crazy down there havnt I? haha. I thought I'd do a post about my shoes and then i saw my bags in my bedroom and thought why not?
:) I can't tell you how much I love shoes, and i know it's such a typical girlie thing to say, but I don't think a person (mainly us girls) can ever have too many shoes. it's so nice to have a good selection as shies completely make an outfit.
when it come to fashion, I lately love the colour brown. I even more love browny orange. most my shoes and bags are brown and a few of my clothes are brown too.
like tee shirts, baggy tops and stuff..

well I hope you've had a nice day :)
today I had work, but not till 4 so I got to have my Saturday lunch with my family which was lovely as always. last night I wore my topshop dress with the collar which I just adore. I will try to find a picture to upload so you can see.
work was alright tonight although I think I'm getting poorly :/
I have such a sore throat :( I'm such a baby when it comes to pain.
my cousin has just had tonsilitus and I'm worrying that I might have caught it off her :/ I hope not as I have an exam on Friday morning and I don't want to be poorly for it.

not got alot else to say really :)

ooh, I have to mention!
I have my first follower!
it is such a lovely feeling, that someone likes looking at my blog and finds my rubbish rambling interesting :) haha.
my first follower is julie whose blog is
I am about to have a good look at it in a moment as I will definately follow her back.
thank you so much julie you little star.

I hope you have had/are having a good evening whatever you're doing :) I am sucking on a locket to sooth my throat and watching the comedy awards :)
I think I might to a tad bit of revision before I go to bed.

goodnight everyone. sleep well.


step in style..

 i really like these boots, but they are a bit big for me cause i think they've stretched and so when i wear them i have to wear extra socks. haha.
 heels. <3


 everybody needs a pair of uggs. they are a must for lazy days.. slobbing round days.. can't be bothered days..
i love the look of uggs with all different outfits.

i used to really want some real uggs and in a way i still do.
but i just feel they are so expensive for what they are.

anyway, these uggs are from asda, and i got them way over a year ago and as you can see in the picture below, the backs havn't even started to do that bendy-in thing yet.
and i do wear them alot alot.

so for those who want a good pair of uggs but don't want to spend ££££££, get yourselves down to asdaaaaaa.


 i absolutely love crosses. they really look good on necklaces.
just added the heart in this photo cause i thought it was cute.

got it in the bag..

 everyone needs a bit of leopard in their life..
 this is from good old primark, which is where most of my bags are from :) i think it's so good for small bags :)
i love this bag, it's a good size and goes with just about anything.
 this cutie is also from primark. it was only £4! such a bargain. this picture is really bad quality i know.. :( it probs doesnt do the bag much justice. but i love the colour of it and the design.
 primark again! :)
LOVE this bag so much!! i can't remember how much it was..
but i think it looks as if it is from somewhere like h&m rather than primark. it's really good quality.
 this bag is from miss selfridge.
i really love this bag :) i think it is beautiful. i got it in the sale for £7 down from £14 or something.
it is really pretty, the only downside is it doesn't fit very much in it.
but i still LOVE it :D
 primark again here. :)

i think almost everyone has this bag or has seen someone else with it.
it is so good though, i love the look and the plaited strap.
love the colour of this too.
as you can see i own a few brown things..
LOVE brown.
got this in the sale for like £1 or something.
 hmm where's this one from?
yep you guessed it..
primark! :D
haha. this is probs my most worn bag as i love it and it goes with all my clothes. :)
its a good size and fits most things in..
my purse, phone, ipod blahblah..
 i think this is from primark too.. :) haha.
i don't wear this bag very much as i find it hard to put grey with most of my clothes..
but i do like it and hopefully will be able to put it with something soon.
this bag is from peacocks.
i think almost everyone has a bag like this one..
pretty pretty pretty.