Thursday, 20 January 2011

the bad moments are so worth the happy ones!

oh gosh, today I've had the biggest emotional turn around ever.
my day started of pretty crappy: I was on my way to sixth form this morning when I realised y petrol was on red. so being my scared silly self I started panicing incase I'd run out and be stranded on the road on my own with my hazard lights on and everyone angrily passing me by annoyed at the fact I'm blocking the road. so picturing this moment in my mind I rang my friend who was already at sixth as I was running late anyway.. and I explained my unfortunate event and said I HAD to go get some petrol and to let my teacher know I'd be late.
so yeah I was late for school- good one.
then all day I was worrying about my little louie wondering if he was alright
(he is by the way :D) although when we bought him home the anesthetic stuff (no idea how you spell that!) hadn't worn of properly and he was wobbling everywhere and couldn't walk properly. it was quite funny, me and mum thought he looked drunk. :) haha.

and then as the day went on, I got the biggest headache, you know where it aches your whole head and it's all in your eyes too? ergh it was awful. so I had some tablets but I felt so tired I thought I would fall asleep in my lesson. luckily I didn't. nor did I at the wheel on the way home which I was also scared I'd do. ha.

so I got home and got changed to go to work, and for some reason thought I would check my bank account on the internet. I put all my details in blahblah.. and just stared at the screen. I couldn't work it out.
''account balance- £69.53''
yesterday I had £9.53.
for some reason my school had given me some money??? :D I had to show my mum cause to start with I thought it couldn't be my money surely..
but mum said to not complain ;) haha. so I shut my mouth and then do you know what I did!!????
:D I went and bought my gorgeous booties from river island!! :D I was so excited, like a bleddy child :)
I just love them so much and cant wait to wear them tomorrow.
and then I got a top from h&m and also a top from workies :) so I was a happy girl all through my shift.

and then to tip off my evening, my boyfriend suprised me and met me from work! :) I was so suprised cause he lives a half hour drive from where I work and he said he wanted to make me smile :) he's such a sweetheart.
so since I've been home I ate sone cerial, and caught up with this weeks 90210. amazing episode! I love american tv. seriously I watch it all.. the oc, gossip girl, one tree hill.. love love love.

I hope your day has been as lovely as mine has ended. :)
sweet dreams guys, :) nanight

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