Saturday, 22 January 2011

got it in the bag..

 everyone needs a bit of leopard in their life..
 this is from good old primark, which is where most of my bags are from :) i think it's so good for small bags :)
i love this bag, it's a good size and goes with just about anything.
 this cutie is also from primark. it was only £4! such a bargain. this picture is really bad quality i know.. :( it probs doesnt do the bag much justice. but i love the colour of it and the design.
 primark again! :)
LOVE this bag so much!! i can't remember how much it was..
but i think it looks as if it is from somewhere like h&m rather than primark. it's really good quality.
 this bag is from miss selfridge.
i really love this bag :) i think it is beautiful. i got it in the sale for £7 down from £14 or something.
it is really pretty, the only downside is it doesn't fit very much in it.
but i still LOVE it :D
 primark again here. :)

i think almost everyone has this bag or has seen someone else with it.
it is so good though, i love the look and the plaited strap.
love the colour of this too.
as you can see i own a few brown things..
LOVE brown.
got this in the sale for like £1 or something.
 hmm where's this one from?
yep you guessed it..
primark! :D
haha. this is probs my most worn bag as i love it and it goes with all my clothes. :)
its a good size and fits most things in..
my purse, phone, ipod blahblah..
 i think this is from primark too.. :) haha.
i don't wear this bag very much as i find it hard to put grey with most of my clothes..
but i do like it and hopefully will be able to put it with something soon.
this bag is from peacocks.
i think almost everyone has a bag like this one..
pretty pretty pretty.

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