Sunday, 23 January 2011

today's not been so bad for a sunday believe it or not. I got quite abit or revision done and watched aladdin :) forgot how much I love that film. all Disney films are just incredible though don't you think? they seem like childhood friends to me. ha.

for tea tonight we had this Italian type pasta (seeing as I am half Italian) and my dad is an amazing cook and it was delicious! I could eat it all over again.
not had pudding yet come to think of it.. theres some Thai sweet chilli sensation crisps in the cupboard that can soon sort that out ;)

I'm at sixth form tomorrow, and I think I'm going to go to the silent area and revise as much as my brain can take till I die in the silent working area.
my exam is on Friday morning and I still have alot to learn :( meh.
-I can't wait to wear my boots tomorrow though. I bet I sound the biggest freak to be so excited about these boots all the time, but I really do love them so much.
is it weird to feel that way about footwear? it is isn't it..
I don't think I've felt this much love for any other shoes than I have these boots.
dear god, help me.

I have not been proper shopping in so long! I can't actually remember when it was. THIS IS BAD.
I need to go to primark to see what sexy bargains are waiting for me..
payday is not too far. :) sometimes I worry about myself.
I often feel this strong need to shop and when I get money it literally disappears like that. I just spend straight away. what am I going to do when i own a house and have bills to pay?? will I not be able to shop as much?
okay, I need to get that horrible thought out my mind.

:) I hope everyones had a lovely day.
I'm off to stuff my face with crappy foods.
lots of love.


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