Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sleeepy soph..

first things first I want to thank Becca for being the first person to comment on one of my posts. so thank you Becca. I hope that doesn't sound too cheesy? but it's just I'm pretty new to this and so to see that someone has actually checked my blog out makes me smile :) and so I am grateful.
I had a peek onto her blog-
and people should also take a peek as it's good! I love the latest post with the necklace from urban outs :) gorgeous. I just love jewellry!!

second things second..
I just don't know why I'm so tired?
well actually that is a really stupid thing to say because it's probably from not going to bed till 2 last night.. seriously, I am such a granny you wouldnt believe! couple of years ago I'd have been staying up till 2 most nights and I'd have been fine but now I NEED sleep. bed is probs my most favourite place. in the morning (other than Xmas and my bday)I never want to get up and then when I do, all through the day I can't wait to get back into bed. is it just me who's like that?
I feel that as an 18 year old I should be hard as rocks and able to go without sleep for days.
maybe revision is taking it's toll on me.

third things third..
I still want them boots. so much. so so much.
I will be getting £30 at the end of the week which COULD go towards them but CANT because I need to buy petrol to feed my little car. humpf.
I told my boyf about them and how much I want them (not hinting to buy me them at all ;)) but he was having none of it :) although I wouldn't ever really want him to spend that much on me for no reason.
I worked tonight 5-8 and whilst 'tidying' the shop floor I found 5 items if clothing I want want want.
literally working in a clothes shop is such a tease.
but the discount makes up for it.

my little baby louie (my cat) has to have his opp tomorrow :( I always get worried when pets go to the vets. but fingers crossed everything will go smoothly :)
hes the most gorgeous cat! some people say cats are boring (which I can agree on, some cats are awful) but I just love my louie :) he's Ginger and he's still a baby. I think he's 6 months so really he's still a kitten but he's seems to have grown so much he doesn't look like a kit anymore.

anyway, I think an early night is in order for me :)
so sweet dreams everyone. sleep well.


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