Sunday, 16 January 2011

more revision.

ha just realised my post earlier said about Saturday when it's Sunday. it's because I wrote it yesterday on my tumblr and so made it my first post on here without thinking. silly me.
anyway, today I have felt the need to go shopping so bad! I really crave new things and I want those river island booties! :) maybe if I'm extra nice to my boyfriend he might treat me ;)
I have been eating alot today too which is quite weird, cause I don't really eat that much. I'm very petite. I wouldn't say I'm 'skinny' I'm a size 6 or 8 in clothing but im really small for an 18 year old, I'm 5'2.
my feet are even tiny, they used to be size 4 but somehow shrunk to size 3 god knows how. I didn't know that could happen.
despite these erges to shop and eat, I had to revise for my psychology exam in two weeks :/ so much fun.
I'm hopig to start getting photos up on here soon once I get the hang of things. I really love looking at peoples outfit posts and so am thinking about doing some of my own. don't know when but I'll get round to it sooner or later :)
just laying in bed now watching comedy rocks with Jason manford- who I LOVE so much!! I went to see him live in London last November for my birthday and it was incredible. he is hilarious.
:) should get to sleep soon as I jar sixth form at 9 tomorrow :( and then have work after that. oh joy.
:) sweet dreams.

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