Wednesday, 26 January 2011

psychology is killing me.

hahahaha. i just HAD to upload this picture of louie. (don't worry, the hamster wasn't in the cage)
everytime lola (the hamster) goes in her running ball, louie tries to get in the cage to eat her food. he is such a little tinker! but a very funny one. i do love him so much, although he just made a right stinker in his litter tray.. sorry if that's TMI. sometimes you just don't think something so cute could make such a bad smell.

moving swiftly on...

i decided to stay home today instead of going to sixth form cause i just don't get any work done there, there are too many distractions. so i stayed home and did some revision alone :) i got quite a lot done actually so i'm going to do the same tomorrow as my exam is on friday morning. i don't really feel tired, i guess i feel drained. i wouldn't say i'm a 'hard worker' because actually i slack quite a lot. i do wish i was more motivated. but i don't know, for some reason i am trying really really hard for these exams, which don't get me wrong, i know is a good thing! i don't even know if i want to go uni next year anymore. i don't want to move from home. i'm just too close to my family and i'd get so homesick. the closest uni i have applied to is derby and i have an interview there on wednesday ( SO NERVOUS) but i don't know. im thinking about maybe doing an NVQ? hm. need to sort myself out.

 really need to sort my room out. my floor has turned into my wardrobe. it was actually a lot worse before i took this photo, but i started clearing it away. i need more storage. i'm just too lazy.

i hope your day has been wonderful.
kisses and cuddles.


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