Saturday, 22 January 2011

sore throats suck

wow, I have gone picture crazy down there havnt I? haha. I thought I'd do a post about my shoes and then i saw my bags in my bedroom and thought why not?
:) I can't tell you how much I love shoes, and i know it's such a typical girlie thing to say, but I don't think a person (mainly us girls) can ever have too many shoes. it's so nice to have a good selection as shies completely make an outfit.
when it come to fashion, I lately love the colour brown. I even more love browny orange. most my shoes and bags are brown and a few of my clothes are brown too.
like tee shirts, baggy tops and stuff..

well I hope you've had a nice day :)
today I had work, but not till 4 so I got to have my Saturday lunch with my family which was lovely as always. last night I wore my topshop dress with the collar which I just adore. I will try to find a picture to upload so you can see.
work was alright tonight although I think I'm getting poorly :/
I have such a sore throat :( I'm such a baby when it comes to pain.
my cousin has just had tonsilitus and I'm worrying that I might have caught it off her :/ I hope not as I have an exam on Friday morning and I don't want to be poorly for it.

not got alot else to say really :)

ooh, I have to mention!
I have my first follower!
it is such a lovely feeling, that someone likes looking at my blog and finds my rubbish rambling interesting :) haha.
my first follower is julie whose blog is
I am about to have a good look at it in a moment as I will definately follow her back.
thank you so much julie you little star.

I hope you have had/are having a good evening whatever you're doing :) I am sucking on a locket to sooth my throat and watching the comedy awards :)
I think I might to a tad bit of revision before I go to bed.

goodnight everyone. sleep well.


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  1. Oops:/ hope I havnt given you tonsillitis :/
    this is so cool that were both blogging :D
    Ly xxxxxxx