Monday, 24 January 2011

my nails.

 this is my nail art pen :)

it is such a good invention! seriously you can do so many things with it.
 this is what it looks like when the lid comes off, and it's like a tiny metal whole and you just squeeze the varnish out. :) this is the way i usually do it. however if you do prefer a brush you just put the lid back on this part and then unscrew then entire white part to get to it.
 this is the brush and as you can see it is very thin so help you stay neat and tidy with whatever your design is. :)

i think it is amazing and i bought this off amazon for £4 or something including p&p.

i definitely recomend.

 with the nails i have at the moment, this is the colour i have on underneath the black.

it's barry m. and it is mushroom.

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