Friday, 21 January 2011

with a little bit of love

 topshop necklace. from my boyfriend.
 ooh i can't quite remember where this ones from..  think it could be miss selfridge. 
 this one is from miss selfridge (i think) -memory is awful, i apologise.
from my boyfriend.
 this is actually from claires accesories. :)
i LOVE this necklace, it's gorgeous.
the message in the bottle says
'once upon a time'
 this beauty is from primark not very long ago. :) it came with a little pink rose also attached but i pulled it off as i think the rocking horse looks better on its own.
 i got this from my grandma for christmas, i think it was from avon :)
 i love this little ladybird :) it is so cute.
this is from topshop and i think i got it when it was in the sale :)
i love the vintage look of this little envelope.
it is from miss selfridge i think. (sorry)
and it does actually open and has a note inside saying, 'i love you'

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