Tuesday, 29 March 2011

what i'm wearing. 006. + my week.

                                              What I'm wearing
        (although this is actually what i wore yesterday, not today) 

    okay so this is what i wore yesterday.
i had my topshop blouse on which i did button up after these photos were taken :) these shorts are from primark which i bought last week and the spots on them are the same colour as my blouse so they go together really well.
i had my plain strappy black H&M top underneath as it would have been quite see through without.
i wore black tights with long black socks over the top and my black shoesiessss. :)
the necklace is new also, i got it on the weekend.


new shorts (what i'm wearing. 006.)


i have had my eye on a magnifying glass necklace for so long off the internet but it has been £20.00 for so long and when i came across this one which looks exactly the same in claires accessories, i just had to buy it. it was £5.50 and looks amazing. so for those who are like me and don't like spending a bomb, get yourself down to claires :)

this is a second necklace which is also from claires accessories. i love how pretty it is and the fact that it opens. it was also £5.50. such a bargain :) 

my little owl ring :) hoot hoot.
aw i love animal jewellary so much!
this ring is from topshop and was half price from £6.50 making it £3.25

this is the lipstick i am wearing in the outfit photos above.
it is barry m and its such a summery colour. :) it was something like £4.99 or something. :)

shorts - republic

cardigan - primark

dress - primark

charity shops

so when looking at your guys' blogs, i have noticed alot of people get some really lovely things from charity shops so i decided to go and have a look around the ones near where i live. i didnt buy many clothes because there wasn't alot of things i loved but there was a red cardi that i really wish i bought. :(
so i just got a few bits of jewellary and here they are.



my week,
in a few pictures.

how amazing has the weather been recently!? :D
whipped the sunnies out :D can't wait for summerrrr :D

on wednesday night, i went with my friend to see the xfactor tour :)
i wouldnt have usually gone but she is mad for one direction and so i w said i'd go with her. it was actually really really good and i would watch it again. one direction were amazing and aiden was incred !!

yesterday was mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary :)
it was lovely, we went out for dinne to a really nice restaurant. however we both ate too much and were so so full! haha. it was amazing though :)
(this was when i had buttoned up my blouse :) )

sorry if this is abit of a boring post.. i can't think of much else to update you on.
if anything crops up i will let you know.
i hope you're all doing well.

lots of love


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

what i'm wearing. 006.

so this is what i wore today :) it is my dress i bought last week from work and i love it so much.
as you can see in the fourth picture, i wore a thin black belt with it, just to hunch it up a little as it would have been a bit too long for me otherwise. in the other pictures i had pulled the dress up and over the belt to hide it :) but it looks nice when it's on show too.

i love the black buttons going down the front. :)
this dress would also look cute with a black bodycon skirt covering the skirt of the dress as another outfit.

i hope you are having a lovely week so far. :)

lots of love

Monday, 14 March 2011

what i'm wearing. 005.

my love heart nail and new ring <3

in my last post i told you about the oversized cape i bought from topshop.. well here is me wearing the beauty :) i decided to hunch it up with a belt as i look like a whale without it haha. the word 'oversized' should have emphasis put on it when describing this item. i love the colour of it, it's gorgeous.
the necklace is from miss selfridge which i bought on saturday :)

ring- republic £5.99

i love the colour of this ring and i love the crack through it. adds the vintage look which i really like.

at the moment i have been spending a lot of time on tumblr. i used to have it and never went on it so i have made a new one now. :)
http://sophie-rebecca.tumblr.com/ << anyone who wants to look :)
also twitter is another obsession going atm..  (http://www.twitter.com/sophiedigioia )
i don't actually spend much time in the real world these days.. :p
i hope you have had a nice day lovelys.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

let the good times roll

okay so lets start off with the best news i have had this week..
i got my results for two psychology exams and some health and social care coursework on thurs, and we were made to wait till 3pm to pick them up! it was absolute torture waiting all day. :( everyone was so nervous and i was so shocked to find out what i got because i never ever expected to do so well! i got two As and a B :) i was so happy!! for anyone else who got results, i hope you were happy with them too! :)

so paying off my holiday didnt happen.. :| i might have accidently bought a few new itemsss.. :| oops.
i bought a gorgeous oversized cape from topshop yday, it was only £20.00 and i couldn't put it down. i literally have no willpower.

i also got two dresses from work (republic) .. they are both peterpan dresses because i LOVE them :)

this dress is actually like another one i have from topshop.
i think when i wear this i will hunch it up with a thin black belt as it is quite long.

i love this colour so much! this looks gorgeous on,
i will take a photo wearing it soon and let you guys see.

i also got a new scarf  and a ring from workies toooo.. :)

so yes, i may need to put my money into a savings account as soon as i get it to stop me from spending straight away! i am terrible.. how am i ever going to survive at uni!?


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

sometimes you need to moaaan

wow I'm tired! today I went to Wolverhampton uni for an interview and all in honesty it went awfully. from the word go, it was all wrong.
as soon as me and mum got there, we thought it was a bit strange and quite quiet although we were an hour early so we figured it would fill up a while later.
so we walked around wondering where to go as there were no signs anywheree and we finally found the reception and entered. the elderly lady at reception was so bluntly rude and looked at me like I was dirt. I smiled and said hello and she look at me, pointed to the book on the desk and said 'SIGN IN'
I was quite shocked at her sharp tone and so just wrote my name and the time and then me and mum went for a bite to eat till it was time to meet up with the group which was 1oclock.
so we went back to reception where we told to be for 1oclock and the area had filled out quite abit where there was now 20-30 people waiting for the same reason I was. we were all waiting to be shown around and when someone finally turned up, they were 15 mins late and it wasn't even someone who worked at the uni.. after our short, uninformative show round, we were taken up to a presentation where we were seated in a classroom type place.
the lady doing the presntation had it displayed on a sort of PowerPoint slide and he skipped a load of slides and was like 'oh we can skip that, skip that, skip this..' I again was shocked at how unprofessional they were behaving..
I don't usually care too much for like people being all showy showy, but I just thought this was too much and really quite bad.
anyway, we were then left to do some eng math and sci tests which were actually pretty difficult. and whilst we were doing the tests each person was called out for a one to one interview with a lecturer. when I went for mine, I was there for about 5mins and that was it.. I was asked nothing on my qualities or teaching abilities but only about my experience..
I was so disappointed with how they organised today and I will be surprised if I get an offer as I think my disgust showed throughout the day..
no offence to anyone who goes to this uni or who is from there as i'm not bitching about the place or the uni itself.. I was just quite shocked at their unprofessionalism.
anyway moving on..

sorry for that moan! haha. I hope I didn't seem grumpy then, I just had to get it out.
so yeaah I'm laying in bed right now panicing so much about tomorrow! tomorrow if youre wondering, is results day!! aghhh.
I'm really nervous :( but I will defo let you know how I get on.
I just hope I don't get below Ds! that won't be all bad I guess..
wish me luckkkkk!!

I hope your day has been better than mine. :) :)
lots of love


Monday, 7 March 2011


                                                                 JOE JONAS
cutest smile of my life. and i LOVE his big eyebrows.. is that weird? i don't care if it is!
SOOOO CUTE! be my boyfriend!?

okay so yeah, one thing to know about me is that i am in love with joe jonas. is it sad at 18 years old to still have male celebrity obsessions like this? because when i see him on tv or photos of him it gives me such a happy feeeeeeling. haha i sound crazy. i really am obsessed with him though. i think he is amazing. he is literally my perfect boy. i think he is GORGEOUS and so cute. and he is hilarious. i always have been obsessed with joe jonas since i heard of the jonas brothers but i go through phazes where i get really really really really really obsessed and i've been in one of those phazes for the past two weeks now and i just love him. god forbid i ever meet him, i would DIE. although i have been to see jonas brothers in concert twice. the first time was actually on my birthday so as you can imagine, it was probs the best birthday experience EVER :D and then i went to see them in London where i was in the second row and it was incredible! i was actually speechless. it was a weird feeling. i surreal one. but oh so AMAZING.

                                                            PROM DRESS
okay so my earlier post mentioned about the upcoming prom. i think the organisation-y people have managed to make it on an evening when me and my friends are not on holiday so yay! i think i have found the dress i want although it is waaay too expensive so will have to find an alternative. booo.

this is the dress i really like. at first i wasn't sure about the big pattern bit in the middle but the more i looked at it, i thought it was cute. Sherri Hill has some absolutely stunning dresses however they cost a bomb. so unless i can come with £300 i will be looking for an alternative dress. haha.


so recently i have been getting bored of my blackberry. it's not that i don't like it, because i really do, it's just i get bored so quickly and so want a change. i really want an iphone however i want the 3gs not the iphone 4. i prefer the round shape of the 3gs i think the 4 looks too stiff if that makes sense? but i can't find anywhere to buy one cheap enough for me haha. so i will just wait till a good deal comes my way. :)


so me and my friends have booked our holiday! :D wahhoooo! we are going to KOS in Greece for a week in June :) i cannot wait. at £310 it was such a good deal. i am hopefully going to pay it all off this week as i have been payed from work today :D i can't wait to sunbathe and listen to music and then spend all night out drinking with some of my favorite people. :) don't you just love holidays!? my only worry is the flight. i'm terrified of flying.. :|

before i go, i just thought i would mention my cousin Emily's blog . it is called http://everythingemm.blogspot.com/  
she is amazing and at 13 years old she seems so grown up! she loves fashion and all sorts of girly things so i'm sure you would all find her interesting. :) so yeah, check out her blog.

and thanks again to everyone who comments and follows. :) i really do appreciate it.

i hope you have had a wonderful day.