Saturday, 12 March 2011

let the good times roll

okay so lets start off with the best news i have had this week..
i got my results for two psychology exams and some health and social care coursework on thurs, and we were made to wait till 3pm to pick them up! it was absolute torture waiting all day. :( everyone was so nervous and i was so shocked to find out what i got because i never ever expected to do so well! i got two As and a B :) i was so happy!! for anyone else who got results, i hope you were happy with them too! :)

so paying off my holiday didnt happen.. :| i might have accidently bought a few new itemsss.. :| oops.
i bought a gorgeous oversized cape from topshop yday, it was only £20.00 and i couldn't put it down. i literally have no willpower.

i also got two dresses from work (republic) .. they are both peterpan dresses because i LOVE them :)

this dress is actually like another one i have from topshop.
i think when i wear this i will hunch it up with a thin black belt as it is quite long.

i love this colour so much! this looks gorgeous on,
i will take a photo wearing it soon and let you guys see.

i also got a new scarf  and a ring from workies toooo.. :)

so yes, i may need to put my money into a savings account as soon as i get it to stop me from spending straight away! i am terrible.. how am i ever going to survive at uni!?


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  1. Congrats on the exam results hun! Love your purchases :) xx