Tuesday, 29 March 2011

what i'm wearing. 006. + my week.

                                              What I'm wearing
        (although this is actually what i wore yesterday, not today) 

    okay so this is what i wore yesterday.
i had my topshop blouse on which i did button up after these photos were taken :) these shorts are from primark which i bought last week and the spots on them are the same colour as my blouse so they go together really well.
i had my plain strappy black H&M top underneath as it would have been quite see through without.
i wore black tights with long black socks over the top and my black shoesiessss. :)
the necklace is new also, i got it on the weekend.


new shorts (what i'm wearing. 006.)


i have had my eye on a magnifying glass necklace for so long off the internet but it has been £20.00 for so long and when i came across this one which looks exactly the same in claires accessories, i just had to buy it. it was £5.50 and looks amazing. so for those who are like me and don't like spending a bomb, get yourself down to claires :)

this is a second necklace which is also from claires accessories. i love how pretty it is and the fact that it opens. it was also £5.50. such a bargain :) 

my little owl ring :) hoot hoot.
aw i love animal jewellary so much!
this ring is from topshop and was half price from £6.50 making it £3.25

this is the lipstick i am wearing in the outfit photos above.
it is barry m and its such a summery colour. :) it was something like £4.99 or something. :)

shorts - republic

cardigan - primark

dress - primark

charity shops

so when looking at your guys' blogs, i have noticed alot of people get some really lovely things from charity shops so i decided to go and have a look around the ones near where i live. i didnt buy many clothes because there wasn't alot of things i loved but there was a red cardi that i really wish i bought. :(
so i just got a few bits of jewellary and here they are.



my week,
in a few pictures.

how amazing has the weather been recently!? :D
whipped the sunnies out :D can't wait for summerrrr :D

on wednesday night, i went with my friend to see the xfactor tour :)
i wouldnt have usually gone but she is mad for one direction and so i w said i'd go with her. it was actually really really good and i would watch it again. one direction were amazing and aiden was incred !!

yesterday was mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary :)
it was lovely, we went out for dinne to a really nice restaurant. however we both ate too much and were so so full! haha. it was amazing though :)
(this was when i had buttoned up my blouse :) )

sorry if this is abit of a boring post.. i can't think of much else to update you on.
if anything crops up i will let you know.
i hope you're all doing well.

lots of love



  1. You look lovely in these photos, love the polka dot shorts :) x

  2. Love the outfit, very cute!! Loving the Primark Polka Dot Dress too.

    Sadie x

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment <3

    I have a simmilair pair of shorts from primark, so now I have a little bit inspiration what to wear them with, thankyouuu (a)

    cute outfit and congrats with your anniversery!

  4. Love the polka dot shorts!!