Wednesday, 9 March 2011

sometimes you need to moaaan

wow I'm tired! today I went to Wolverhampton uni for an interview and all in honesty it went awfully. from the word go, it was all wrong.
as soon as me and mum got there, we thought it was a bit strange and quite quiet although we were an hour early so we figured it would fill up a while later.
so we walked around wondering where to go as there were no signs anywheree and we finally found the reception and entered. the elderly lady at reception was so bluntly rude and looked at me like I was dirt. I smiled and said hello and she look at me, pointed to the book on the desk and said 'SIGN IN'
I was quite shocked at her sharp tone and so just wrote my name and the time and then me and mum went for a bite to eat till it was time to meet up with the group which was 1oclock.
so we went back to reception where we told to be for 1oclock and the area had filled out quite abit where there was now 20-30 people waiting for the same reason I was. we were all waiting to be shown around and when someone finally turned up, they were 15 mins late and it wasn't even someone who worked at the uni.. after our short, uninformative show round, we were taken up to a presentation where we were seated in a classroom type place.
the lady doing the presntation had it displayed on a sort of PowerPoint slide and he skipped a load of slides and was like 'oh we can skip that, skip that, skip this..' I again was shocked at how unprofessional they were behaving..
I don't usually care too much for like people being all showy showy, but I just thought this was too much and really quite bad.
anyway, we were then left to do some eng math and sci tests which were actually pretty difficult. and whilst we were doing the tests each person was called out for a one to one interview with a lecturer. when I went for mine, I was there for about 5mins and that was it.. I was asked nothing on my qualities or teaching abilities but only about my experience..
I was so disappointed with how they organised today and I will be surprised if I get an offer as I think my disgust showed throughout the day..
no offence to anyone who goes to this uni or who is from there as i'm not bitching about the place or the uni itself.. I was just quite shocked at their unprofessionalism.
anyway moving on..

sorry for that moan! haha. I hope I didn't seem grumpy then, I just had to get it out.
so yeaah I'm laying in bed right now panicing so much about tomorrow! tomorrow if youre wondering, is results day!! aghhh.
I'm really nervous :( but I will defo let you know how I get on.
I just hope I don't get below Ds! that won't be all bad I guess..
wish me luckkkkk!!

I hope your day has been better than mine. :) :)
lots of love


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