Monday, 7 March 2011


                                                                 JOE JONAS
cutest smile of my life. and i LOVE his big eyebrows.. is that weird? i don't care if it is!
SOOOO CUTE! be my boyfriend!?

okay so yeah, one thing to know about me is that i am in love with joe jonas. is it sad at 18 years old to still have male celebrity obsessions like this? because when i see him on tv or photos of him it gives me such a happy feeeeeeling. haha i sound crazy. i really am obsessed with him though. i think he is amazing. he is literally my perfect boy. i think he is GORGEOUS and so cute. and he is hilarious. i always have been obsessed with joe jonas since i heard of the jonas brothers but i go through phazes where i get really really really really really obsessed and i've been in one of those phazes for the past two weeks now and i just love him. god forbid i ever meet him, i would DIE. although i have been to see jonas brothers in concert twice. the first time was actually on my birthday so as you can imagine, it was probs the best birthday experience EVER :D and then i went to see them in London where i was in the second row and it was incredible! i was actually speechless. it was a weird feeling. i surreal one. but oh so AMAZING.

                                                            PROM DRESS
okay so my earlier post mentioned about the upcoming prom. i think the organisation-y people have managed to make it on an evening when me and my friends are not on holiday so yay! i think i have found the dress i want although it is waaay too expensive so will have to find an alternative. booo.

this is the dress i really like. at first i wasn't sure about the big pattern bit in the middle but the more i looked at it, i thought it was cute. Sherri Hill has some absolutely stunning dresses however they cost a bomb. so unless i can come with £300 i will be looking for an alternative dress. haha.


so recently i have been getting bored of my blackberry. it's not that i don't like it, because i really do, it's just i get bored so quickly and so want a change. i really want an iphone however i want the 3gs not the iphone 4. i prefer the round shape of the 3gs i think the 4 looks too stiff if that makes sense? but i can't find anywhere to buy one cheap enough for me haha. so i will just wait till a good deal comes my way. :)


so me and my friends have booked our holiday! :D wahhoooo! we are going to KOS in Greece for a week in June :) i cannot wait. at £310 it was such a good deal. i am hopefully going to pay it all off this week as i have been payed from work today :D i can't wait to sunbathe and listen to music and then spend all night out drinking with some of my favorite people. :) don't you just love holidays!? my only worry is the flight. i'm terrified of flying.. :|

before i go, i just thought i would mention my cousin Emily's blog . it is called  
she is amazing and at 13 years old she seems so grown up! she loves fashion and all sorts of girly things so i'm sure you would all find her interesting. :) so yeah, check out her blog.

and thanks again to everyone who comments and follows. :) i really do appreciate it.

i hope you have had a wonderful day.


  1. Aww thankyou for mentioning me. I could do with more followers :) xxxxxx

  2. oooh i want an iphone too! love these pics. xo.

  3. I went to Kos a few years back, loved it!!

    Sadie x