Monday, 14 March 2011

what i'm wearing. 005.

my love heart nail and new ring <3

in my last post i told you about the oversized cape i bought from topshop.. well here is me wearing the beauty :) i decided to hunch it up with a belt as i look like a whale without it haha. the word 'oversized' should have emphasis put on it when describing this item. i love the colour of it, it's gorgeous.
the necklace is from miss selfridge which i bought on saturday :)

ring- republic £5.99

i love the colour of this ring and i love the crack through it. adds the vintage look which i really like.

at the moment i have been spending a lot of time on tumblr. i used to have it and never went on it so i have made a new one now. :) << anyone who wants to look :)
also twitter is another obsession going atm..  ( )
i don't actually spend much time in the real world these days.. :p
i hope you have had a nice day lovelys.

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