Thursday, 27 January 2011

what i'm wearing. 003.




i really love this jumper, it reminds me of christmas just gone cause everyone was wearing them. :) 
it is from republic. where i work :) which is good as i got a discount on it. i never knew republic did clothes like this before i worked there but now i've realised they do sell some pretty good stuff.
im wearing a black bodycon skirt from h&m underneath which i wear so often in this sort of way. those skirts are just so practical. if you don't already have one i suggest buying one right away, they are amazing.
then i just have some thick black tights on (asda) with long black socks over the top (primark)
and then my black 'posh shoes' i think of them as.. they are from primark too. :)


  1. cuuuuute shoes!
    And I love that sweater. I like sweaters with animals on them :)

  2. thanks chick :) ah i know, animal jumpers are so cute :)
    shoes are from primark pretty recently so get yourself down there! ;)