Thursday, 24 February 2011

what i'm wearing. 005.

so this outfit is pretty boring but i have done nothinggg today and so i just wore my jumper from H&M. it is from the mens section but i loved the colour so got it in XS. it was only £10.00 so can't go wrong.
i wore my H&M skirt underneath too just because otherwise my bum would be creeping out. something no-one wants to seeee ;) haha. so again, i wore my topshop scarf :) i wear it so much cause i love the colour and its so cosy. :) i want to get a new one in a darker colour to wear with other outfits. i have my river island booties on (LOVE) and my primark bag. :)
i literally just scruffed my hair up cause i was in a lazy mood.

in one of my earlier posts i mentioned being bored of my hair. well.. i have died it :D i dye my hair quite alot although i have never gone for a massive change. i have been blonde before but much prefer myself dark. so this is my new colour. it isn't all that different although it has quite a reddish tint to it which i LOVE. i think it adds warmth.

here i have on my scrabble ring. and my birdie ring :)

scrabble ring- loveheartsandcrosses
birdie ring- miss selfridge


i just wanted to snap a few with my big bear.
i love this teddy so much. i might sound like a baby but i think everyone loves to cuddle a teddy bear and this one who i have named albert is just perfect for a big squeeeazy cuddle :D

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  1. love your scrabble ring!