Sunday, 20 February 2011


 i want to dye my hair. i get bored so quickly with my hair. i need a change :)

and i purchased myself a scrabble ring! :D wahoo!
i have wanted one for ages, but couldn't find anywhere that did them cheap enough for me ;) not the richest of people i won't lie.

had to hide my face cause it wasn't doing me justice,

i'm wearing
a brown tshirt from topshop.
my h&m skirt
tights from primark.
black cardi from h&m.
scalf from topshop.
and shoes from next. :) (in the childrens section cause my feet are tinyyy :))

 sorry for the blurry picture.

i got this ring from loveheartsandcrosses
i was so so happy with their service!
this ring came in 3 days,  in a little ring box and with a cute little loveheartsandcrosses card.
gorgeous. :)
it was just £3.00 + £1.95 p&p.

on friday my boyfriend surprised me with these beautiful roses!
how pretty is the colour!
i love them :) they are sitting beside my bed and make me smile everytime i look over at them :)

i just had to upload another picture of my mischievous kitty.

this was just before bed, and i popped up out of bed for literally two seconds, and he decides it's a good idea to steel my place.

naughty louie!

:) :)

i hope your week has been good. :) mine has been alright. except my deadline for drafted coursework was on friday and i didn't hand any of it in as i haven't finished any of it.. :| woops.
however it is half term now. - the time to get drunk, sleep and eat lots and forget school exists.
i really can't wait to get paid. it's so hard working in a shop right next door to topshop. i hear it's beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories calling me.. boohoo. only two weeks to go :)

happy sunday guys.


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  1. love the scrabbe ring! and the whole outfit is really nice, now following xx