Friday, 11 February 2011

stupid technology.

first of all, i can't believe i haven't posted in over a week! seriously.. i need to fill you in!
i have tried posting every now and then but my computer has decided it doesn't want me to upload photos.. every time i try it says 'error' bleh. so annoying. so i'm afraid i ca'nt show any photos till it lets me. i'm really annoyed because i have photos ready to put up and i need to do my 'beautiful person' post. :( boo.
technology these days is amazing, but when it goes wrong, i swear it's like the world ending.

right so i hope you've all had a good week!
mine has been very up and down actually.  when did i last post? i can't even remember..
but i had my uni interview at derby last wednes.. and i think it went okay. it was scary. i was so nervous. but i think i did okay. although i have such a strong feeling i won't be accepted because there were so many people there and i think they must have been so much better and more confident. so i'm just waiting to here back, but i don't have my hopes up or anything.

trying to think what else has happened since last week haha..

ooh my manager at work says my standards are immaculate! ;) check me eh.
it made me smile.

ooh i tidied my room! :D
but then it got messy again :\

i bought i new shirt from work, it's actually a mans shirt but i liked it and thought it would look nice bigger anyway. and i actually took photos for an outfit post on it but yeah, comp wouldn't let me show you :(
i will upload them sometime soon, when it lets me.
i bought another top from work too, (womens top this time)  i also took a photo of this but again... stupid comp.

so my mum is on holiday with her friend right now and my sister is away with her boyf.
so i am home alone for a week! they left on weds night and so far it has been okay. i have had company from family, and my boyfriend :) and tonight i have my best one over to stay :) so that'll be nice.
i am such a failure at living alone. i'm too lazy. when i'm alone, and can't be bothered to cook tea for myself, i just live off toast, cerial and crisps. and the odd mcdonalds. ;)

anyway, i'll leave it at that cause i don't want to bore you all with my picture-less posts. :(
i hope you're all doing fantastically. :)
happy friday! :D :D


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