Wednesday, 23 February 2011

40 facts:

001. my all time famous crush (i would go as far as saying i am IN LOVE WITH him) is Joe Jonas. i think he's amazing and so gorgeous.

002. my relationship with my family and my friends (including boyfriend) is the most important thing to me. i could never replace any of them.

003. i love american television shows way too much. television all together takes over my life.

004. i am such a shy person but when you get to know me, i'm pretty crazy.

005. i am a romantic. i love having a boyfriend. i love to be spoiled and i love spoiling him.

006. i'm so scared of flying in planes. i don't know why.

007. i love animals so much. there are so many i want as pets.

008. my favorite place in the world is center parcs.

009. every now and then i will have a big cry to a family member (usually mum or dad), a friend or my boyfriend.  i like having big talks to get emotion out.

010. when i cry, all i want is a cuddle. i love the feeling of someone holding me.

011. i'm planning on becoming a primary school teacher. i have always wanted to be one cause i just love children.

012. i love fashion. other peoples fashion styles usually inspires mine.

013. i love jewelry so much. i can never leave the house without any on.

014. i really love food. although somehow don't put weight on.

015. my feet shrunk when i was 13 from a size 4 to a size 3.

016. even though i'm half italian, i don't speak the language. i really wish i could.

017. i have a big heart. i care so much for my loved ones.

018. sometimes i feel so down about the way i look and wish i looked different.

019. when i want something, i really really want it.

020. the background on my phone is always a photo of someone i love. so then every time i look at it, i smile and feel happy.

021. i wish i was organised but as much as i try, i'm just messy.

022. i am absolutely terrified of the future.

023. the thought of losing someone i love makes me cry and feel sick.

024. i'm scared of dying.

025. i completely hate drugs and strongly dislike those who feel they need to take them to have a good time. what's the point?

026. i do not like liers and will not waste my time talking to them.

027. i don't like it when people try to be something they're not. just be yourself, you are beautiful.

028. i care too much sometimes.

029. i love the sound of people around me laughing.

030. sometimes when i talk to guys it can be seen as flirting. but i just get on with guys really well and would always be loyal.

031. i have never ever in my life cheated on any previous boyfriends, nor my current one. i think cheating is disgusting. if your not happy, just move on.

032. i text too much. i wish i spoke to people face to face more.

033. i am totally addicted to crisps. i could literally live off them.

034. i have a thing about wrists. if someone grabs my wrist or my wrist gets trapped in something or even when i wear a bobble round in for too long, i get squeemy.  i think it's the vains.

035. one day i WILL have a beetle as my car. it has always been my favorite and i have always wanted one.

036. when i have children, i will name a daughter Tegan and a son Noah or Alfie.

037. my first proper kiss was with the boyfriend i had at age 11. his name was Robbie.

038. i have never been bullied, but i hate bullying and would always stick up for anyone if i saw it happening.

039. i love photos. i love photos that show love. i love photos from when i was little. i love photos of my family around my home. i love memories.

040. i couldn't go a day without listening to music.

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