Friday, 8 April 2011

what a beeautiful day

wow hasn't today just been gorgeous !?
it was amazing! i just love the sun so much! everything always seems so much better and everyone seems happier :) it's lovely.

i hope you have all been soaking up the sun.
i wasn't able to sunbathe as much as i'd have liked to as i had sixth form but when i got home i layed in the garden with my shorts on and made the most of the beautiful day. i snapped a few pictures whilst out there too.
also, i went through with dying my hair :)
i was quite nervous which is weird for me, i don't usually feel nervous when changing my hair

but it has turned out lovely! i love it :)
i will have to post a picture sooon for you to see.
it's not as red as those pictures i posted the other day but it has got a definite red tinge to it. :) lovely jubly.

louie loves when it's hot so he can play out in the garden <3


i hope your day has been lovely, :)

hugs and loves


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